About the Brewer Land Trust

The Brewer Land Trust is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) entity operated by a Board of Directors, independent of the City of Brewer. The Brewer Land Trust is a member of the Maine Land Trust Network.


In March 2006, a group of Brewer residents, businessman, and city officials met for the first time to discuss the creation of a land trust for the city of Brewer and its surrounding areas. This trust was to be independent of the city and run by volunteers. After much discussion, these founders settled on our name, The Brewer Land Trust, and drafted and approved by-laws with the help of the local law firm Rudman and Winchell, and local attorney Jody Dearborne. Establishing our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status took several years and was finalized in 2009.

In the early years, the trust held meetings to discuss and solidify our goals, consider lands for potential conservation, and plan for coordination with other neighboring and regional land trusts. The Felts Brook watershed and corridor was identified as an important natural resource within the city. And the trust secured several parcels adjacent to the brook, with long-range hopes for a public walking trail along the brook to its mouth on the Penobscot.

In keeping with its missions of protecting Brewer’s natural and scenic resources for public benefit, the trust then worked with city officials, Brewer residents, and Eagle Scout Ryan Ward to finalize and finish the Sherwood Forest Park Trail in South Brewer (completed in 2012). This short, easy loop trail is open to the public and utilized by teachers and students at Brewer’s new Community School for exercise and environmental education.

To this day, the Brewer Land Trust continues to work toward preserving—and promoting the use of—green spaces and trails in the Brewer Area. Please visit the Nature Area’s section of our website for more information on places to get outside in Brewer.

Mission Statement

To cooperatively protect and preserve the natural and scenic resources of the City of Brewer and State of Maine, to encourage open space and green areas, to increase public awareness and understanding of the importance in conservation of natural resources and the interrelationships that exist among them, and to foster a trail system connecting to public areas and regional trails with all of the above for the enjoyment, health and benefit of present and future generations.

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